Essential Information


Welcome to the sport of fishing! By joining ACI we aim to teach you how to fish in local lakes and other still-waters to catch a whole variety of fish, using many different methods and tackle. We’ll introduce you to float fishing in all its forms, ledgering and feeder fishing, using a pole, all with the objective of giving you the best chance of catching fish in in a huge variety of situations and throughout the season. Don’t worry though we keep it very simple to start with, and that comes with a virtual guarantee that you will catch even on your first outing! It’s fun and exciting but be warned, it is likely to lead to you being “hooked” for life! 


We welcome Junior anglers between the ages of 8 & 16, though there is latitude in this, certainly if a younger sibling wishes to try. Parents/Guardians/Grandparents are welcome to attend with them, or can elect to fish as well, but please note on some waters we are restricted on the number of swims so families who all wish to fish may be in one, wide swim.   

Your child can be left though without you staying too, if you wish.

We won’t be able to have too many group attendances so the overall number may have to be limited, depending on coach numbers etc.

Note you do not need to be a member of our host angling clubs Maldon Angling Society (MAS), Kelvedon District Angling Association (KDAA) and Braintree & Bocking Angling Society (BBAS), or to have previous angling experience, all will be catered for! 


We are a voluntary organisation so charges are made just to cover the cost of bait & replacement tackle, including limited breakages. 

The waters are donated free of charge by our host angling clubs & the coaches donate their time. All tackle is provided, though if you can bring your own stools/low chairs that would be appreciated


A list of dates for the main tutorial lessons can be found <HERE>  and shows the different venues our lessons will take place. Three venues from each cub are used, ten lessons in all. Pupils are welcome to sign on again for following seasons, until they have the confidence to fish independently. There will also be the opportunity in due course to take successive assessments of their skills through the “Cast” scheme, to further grow their abilities.


Please arrive promptly for a short briefing on the day at 9.30am. Fishing will start at 10am through to 2pm. If you are leaving your child, please ensure you leave a contact number and that you arrive to collect them at 2pm. We will share a photo session of a small selection of the fish that have been caught that day and share in their enjoyment! Latest arrival time 2.15pm please. 

Additional sessions called “Family Days” are also shown. These are introductory days in the school holidays where people who have never fished, can come down for half an hour  (or more depending on numbers) to see if they would like to take up angling. These are entirely separate from the main teaching days.


Details on how to find each of the venues can be found <HERE>


  • Both Chris and Graham as Level 2 coaches have Angling Trust cover for £10M Public Liability, £10M Indemnity Insurance.
  • Both Kelvedon District Angling Association and Maldon Angling Society are members of Angling Trust with the same levels of cover
  • Angling Coaching Initiative is also an Angling Trust member with the same levels of cover.
  • Volunteer Assistants are covered by the above but additionally all Volunteer Assistants and Coach’s will be automatically enrolled into Angling Coaching Initiative 

For full Terms and Conditions please see the information held on the Angling Trust website


You do not need fishing tackle to participate, we will provide everything on the day for you to fish. Please bring a chair though if possible,

Once you know some of the basic tactics to catch & safely handle your quarry you’ll want to try this out on your own. Guidance on buying the tackle you need is available by getting this from a local fishing tackle shop. 

Note: If you already have some fishing tackle, you are welcome to use this at our coaching sessions. Please though bring it first to one of our “tackle workshops” held after the coaching sessions, to check suitability, & to check you have what is needed to be successful.

Due to the risk of fish diseases such as KHV however, please do NOT bring any nets, keep-nets or landing nets, onto the water please.

For your information, the basic list of the tackle needed will be made available for discussion once coaching is underway 


We will provide the essential equipment required to allow you to fish. What we do ask is that you bring:

  1. A chair to sit on
  2. Appropriate clothing for the weather
  3. Appropriate footwear
  4. Any food or drink
  5. Antiseptic hand gel
  6. Sun cream / hat 
  7. EA Rod license for those over 12 (see under useful links)